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X | The Theme: Best WordPress Theme for Affiliate Blog and Website


I’m a professional WordPress web developer working on this platform for more than 5 years now. I have tested and worked with hundreds of WordPress themes. Among those, I’ve found only a few themes that are really worth of paying. A year ago I found a great theme named X | The Theme by THEMECO from I’ve experienced terrible luck on buying and working on the different theme for myself and for my clients. Because some theme designers often just dump a theme to make more sales and don’t even bother to provide a good support. When I first brought X Theme, I was very anxious because of obvious reasons. I tried a good amount of themes that messed up my website and my work. Sometimes it does not matter how professional you are in designing if the theme does not go the way you want. This is the reason for selecting a good theme is very much important.

When I first tried X Theme, I was very much amazed to see how powerful the theme was. Still, it is. I’m using X Theme for my 6 websites now. For example and I also used it for many of my clients’ websites and they are very happy with their websites and with the theme design. If you are planning to make an affiliate website or blog on WordPress, then I highly recommend using X Theme. Let me tell you more in-depth about this theme.

What is X | The Theme?

Envato power elite author, The Company Themeco developed X theme in November 2013 by. X is an exquisite multi-purpose theme designed mainly for business and corporate websites. X theme is fully responsive across all the devices out there. X comes with beautiful demo designs and the multitude of features. X is capable of designing any website and you can enjoy every step of it. X theme is the #1 selling WordPress theme on Themeforest and been sold over 187,014 times with 7,848 comments and 4.75 average ratings based on 6306 users.

Design of X | The Theme

X theme brings and attractive but a complex design that you can customize with your full designing potential. In X theme beautiful imagery will look just as great on small screens as on desktops because of its great built quality. The theme design is very impressive and brings you a handful of industries and niches specific demos which are easily installable and customizable. Dozens of pages, sliders, menus, images and more will automatically be install when you just simply click on install a demo. It saves you from the hassle of building everything from scratch by bringing seven niche specialized templates and four completely unique designs called Stacks. Each stack is completely different than each other and tremendously customizable. This helps to make the complete professional website without touching any codes. X provides a suitable number and easy to use shortcodes to customize a website without any extra plugins. You’ll find shortcodes for growths bars, pricing tables, animated counting numbers, columns, buttons, and tons more. X theme provides a plugin for these shortcodes, so if you change the theme accidentally, it won’t break your website. Below are the Stacks names.

1. Integrity: This Stack is designed for corporate and business sites including a somber dark version.
2. Renew: This is a flat design with no borders or shadows which is suited for creative website and blogs.
3. Icon: This Stack comes with the minimalistic design allowing your visitors to focus on your website contents.
4. Ethos: This is a news and magazines design with a great features carousel on top of the page which allows real-time category filtering and alternate index titles.


X Theme Post Carousel on Home Page

These four designs of X theme also bring their own sets of specialized options which make them more unique. You have the ability to combine them with the demo’s layouts to customize to fit your taste and reflect your own style. Mixing demos with these stacks can bring you closer to the website of your dream without having any coding skills.
X comes with two different flavored header style, inline or stacked and multiple positions to set up the Navigation bar. On the footer, there are no predefine layouts but you have the option to add different widgets, menu bar, and social icons or any other contents.


X Theme Footer Area

Presenting content in an attractive way is essential for WordPress. Author of the X theme created a great tool that helps you do that. You can sketch a page on frontend using just the custom elements from the great and easy to use Cornerstone page builder. You’ll also have the option to choose one of the 13 predefined templates and load it as your page structure.
In the post section, you’ll find that each post has a different format which allows you to pick a standard, link, gallery, quote, image, video, or audio one. For both pages and posts, you’ll be able to make some individual options and create different styles.

X theme comes with a large number of excellent icons, custom shapes, and animations ready to be used to create a unique website. You can use them as you want to and anywhere on the page.
Every element such as layouts and typography can be customized in real time and you can save the changes when you are satisfied with the results.
This theme includes more than 50 shortcodes for your use. These are structured into seven main sections such as Typography, Structure, Information, Media, Marketing, Content and Social. These structures are logically built and users can easily find and choose the desired shortcodes from there.

The functionality of X | The Theme

In the new version of X theme, you have the option to redesign of the theme’s option architecture merging the theme’s options panel with the settings from the Cornerstone builder. This new combined power makes X theme an even more versatile and flexible theme. You’ll have the ability to, design, modify layout, social media URLs, typography, footer, header, blog and many more other directly on the frontend, because the Theme options panel is part of the Cornerstone. In admin panel, if you hit the ‘Launch’ button you’ll be redirected on the frontend and asked to choose what you want to customize.
X themes new version comes with three Expanded Demos called Gym, App, and Auto, each with its graphics, layouts and custom elements. There are three new Extensions (Email Forms, Woo Checkout, Snippet, and Editor) that will help you organize and structure different information.

This theme is powered by elegant and easy to use drag and drop page builder called Cornerstone. Cornerstone works with both pages and posts. You’ll be able to see the effect of all your modifications in real time, as the builder works 100% on the front-end

Cornerstone gives you the ability to configure the desired website structure. In Cornerstone, you can do this by using sections, rows, columns and add additional Roles for those who are allowed to manage the builder. X theme has templates available in the front-end composer. These templates are divided into four categories such as Themeco pages, Themeco blocks, my Pages and remove templates. Also, there are 22 blocks and 49 elements are ready to be combined with your dream website.

For advanced WordPress user, the Page Inspector and live coding tools from Cornerstone will be a delight. Theme builder gives the ability to manage and include in media players all the audio files and HQ Videos you want. When you are creating pages you can choose one of the four different types of section dividers such as Curve Up / Down, Angle Up / down.
This theme comes with dozens of free and optional plugins called ‘extensions’. These extensions help to improve the website interface. The Themeco author developed many supportive plugins together with another seven premium items designed to enhance the flexibility of your website.

This theme is completely compatible with plugins like Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, Soliloquy or Essential Grid. This plugin comes to the X theme package and ready to be installed. Visual Composer comes bundled as an alternative page builder choice for the back-end.

X theme has an automatic updater. This helps you to get the current update by just one click.

Problems and Support

Most of the time it happens that theme with many features like X has many bugs while working on a design. But using it for several months I’ve not encountered a single problem with it. Once had a bit issue with Cornerstone but their great support team helped me to solve the issue within few hours. Most of the time just disabling the other plugins and re-enabling them solves the problems. By disabling the theme and reactivating also solves any issues. Most of the time if you see, plugin developers blame the theme developer for the problem or the theme developers blame the plugin developers. But with X theme I see they take into account the problem and instead of blaming others they help to solve the problem. This is one of the reasons I love X theme and their great support team. I also see that sometimes if I need an extra functionality to the theme, they provide with codes to add the new custom function. It’s it great.

The speed of the website

With X theme your site gets an extra boost. It helps to load your website within a second which is rarely possible with other themes. Website speed is an important issue when you do business online. You don’t want your website to be as slow as sloths. Google analytics page timing metrics shows me that my website page speed got faster than before. I even tested with comparing with other themes and guess what x is 5x time faster than other themes.

What changes I want

X is an excellent theme now doubt and Themeco is doing an excellent job to keep up the good work. I hope they don’t mess up with the theme in the future versions. What change I want to see is that changes to the way we approach WordPress themes. Like the ability to show posts history based on users history on the website. There should be options to customize the archive pages, even with cornerstone if possible.

Pricing of X | Theme

X |The Theme is available in and the price is just $59 while writing this article. I think $59 is a reasonable price for a great featured rich powerful theme like this. I’ve paid more for many other themes as well but was not that satisfied as X theme. I don’t really like the fact that you have to purchase a license to use the theme but would want a developer’s license to use the theme across all of my websites.

Final Thoughts

As a web developer, I really like X theme except for few minor issues. Compared to other themes online, X is really something that can satisfy you creating your dream website has excellent designs and more tools to customize your website to your taste. What else you need? This is the reasons I always suggest my clients use this theme. You can by X Theme here. Best of luck.

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