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June 24, 2018
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June 29, 2018

What is a Niche Website and How Much Can You Earn from Your Niche blog?


It has been proven that if you create a niche website from scratch you can earn a decent amount of money from it. But you need to make sure that you are giving the time and effort on it to become successful. If you just look around the Internet you’ll see the huge amount of people are growing their income by working on the niche website, even big companies are doing this business nowadays. People are using their niche website to build their career by working on it regularly. They are converting their niche idea into passive income just by creating a website and writing plenty of blog posts.
This may sound too good to be true, in reality, this is an achievable reality. It takes time to set up a niche website but will turn into a money producing machine. So let’s find out what is a niche website and how can you earn passive income from it?

What is niche website?

A niche website is a blog that may appeal to a specific society, a geographical area or any other particular group of people. In a simple word a blog that describes a topic that a group of people finds helpful and earns money from advertising or affiliate programs.

It means that a niche site works as a blog where you create some post depending on a specific topic that aims to help a group of people. These people are connected by a common thing whether it can be by their location, age, interest or even by the combination of those three. This idea is becoming more and more popular these days because of generating organic leads. This kind of blog has the goal of making brand awareness. What this blog does is they develop a common question or topic and highlight the products from a particular brand or even services and talked about detail about it by showing the good and the bad of it.
Niche blog writers produce contents that help people to find the right product or service they are looking for. They provide the information, resources and recommends products to the people through their nice blog post and thus they make money from advertisers and affiliate program. If you want to find your niche idea, you need to go for a good research. Check out my article on How to Choose Your Most Profitable Niche if you want to know how to work on it.

Importance of Niche

Competition: Let imagine that you’ve chosen to focus on camping which is an extremely popular topic on the Internet right now. You will find a huge amount of searches on the web about camping. If you are going to choose it just because it is popular, let me tell you, the chances of failure is high. Why? The answer is it’s already too much popular and you have tons of good competitors, because of those competitors, it will be very hard to come out of the crowds. Furthermore, when someone is searching with the keywords, they will find a ton of other websites before you, and they will likely to go there first.
What you can do to get the right niche in this idea, just narrow down your idea to a specific one. Like camping in the woods or near sea beaches! If you narrow down your niche to a specific one you are putting your focus on a smaller version of that big idea which brings more valuable audiences. Audiences are the key to success in a niche website. Making a niche website is not that much costly if you already have your niche idea. I provide niche website development here at WeeBros. Check out the price here or check this post on How to build an affiliate website at best possible low cost as a beginner.

How much can you earn from a niche website?

It’s possible to earn up to $3,000 to $5,000 per month from an established niche website. If you look around on some famous blogs or read stories about bloggers, you will find that they are quite interesting and hard to believe. But its true most of the cases. After working on a niche website for a year or two, you’ll see that your website income is growing like crazy. I know bloggers who become successful just by working six months on a niche idea website, and they are earning $100 per day! But to get in that position you need to be hardworking and dedicated. You will also find there are many bloggers who find it hard to earn $100 per month and some makes nothing at all. This means it depends on how good your idea is, how much people love your idea and coming to your website (traffic) etc. The more your audiences are the more you make money.
Earning a passive income from a website is not that easy but it’s not impossible as well. You need to walk on the right road to make it happen. If you work correctly, in few months you’ll be able to make a decent amount of income from your website. It can go up to $100-$2,000 per month for the first few months. The longer your website will run the most it generates income. If you consistently generate meaning and helpful contents the income will increase with the quality of your content. In this case, your keywords have a great role to play. If you want to learn more about keywords and how to add them in your blog post, check out my post on Complete Guide To Best SEO Keywords For Your Blog and A Simple note on Basic SEO.

You cannot generate money form a website overnight! In reality, most of the niche website fail within a year! What is the reason? The person behind it gets frustrated because the website did not generate money after being online for a whole year. Well, as I always say that a website may not be generating money within a year, it may take more time but for sure it will generate revenue. Even Google takes 6 months’ time to trust your website then it sends visitors to. So?

Creating a niche website may look a difficult task but establishing it online is the real work. Be patient with your niche website and just keep working on it and never stop making meaningful and helpful contents. Always try to post regularly on the website and make some share on the social media so that people know, you’re out there. Don’t worry about the income, it will come on time.

Final Thoughts

If your niche website is based on a solid and strong idea, it will become successful by the time. A website that provides Meaningful and helpful contents, it certainly has the potential to earn around $3,000 – $5,000 per month after a year or so. However, you need to put a good amount of effort into it. Success is not something that comes without working hard. You may know that consistency is the key, and as long as you stay motivated on your path and give a continuing work on it, it will bring good fortune for you and for your career.

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