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Why Your Blog or Website is getting low Traffic?


A great blog with valuable contents can bring you a great amount of traffic. This is the first and foremost step of putting money in your pocket. When you are working on a website it means that your blog or websites are the sources of your revenue. According to a survey which was done by TechClient, small business who has a blog, they generate 126% more leads. Even the blog that was made as a hobby can generate a great amount of income per month. But it also happens that a blog is struggling to get up or in simple words, no one is coming to that blog. There are several reasons for it. Let’s find out the reasons.

The blog is Too New

Yeah, it happens that a new blog is struggling to get the expected visitors. If your blog is just a few months old, it’s very likely that your website will get less amount of traffic and it’s very common issues.
To love this problem, you need to be patients. Because even Google takes 6 months’ time to trust a website. So you need to give it a time to get traffic organically. Give your blog time to spread its wings. When it’s done stretching wings, it will start flying automatically.

Navigation is not correct

Navigation matters when people are coming and searching contents no your website. People will leave the website if they don’t find the content easily that they were looking for, though your website has the content on it. So, make sure the navigation system on your website is easy for people. Place the navigation bar and categories in front of the people on the website so that they can find easily what they are looking for. It also shows how which types of contents your website provides and has on it.

Long Loading Time

Yeah, this is one the reason that people don’t come to your website. A website which loads under 80% on Google page speed is considered to get the lowest traffic. When I’m searching for something interesting on the web, and after clicking on that if I see, that website is taking ages to show me the contents, I’ll immediately leave that website and find an alternative one. This goes with the other people as well. They run away even before looking at the contents.
So, to make sure your website loads faster, you need to have a good hosting like Bluehost or Namecheap, who provides a faster server loading time. And also make sure to use some plugin if on WordPress. Also always optimize your website codes and images sizes for better faster and faster page loading.

You Are Using Too Many Ads

I understand that having ads on your website makes more money, but sometimes these ads can be the reason of getting low traffic on your website. Having too many ads on a niche website is not a great idea. If your site is filled with popups and adds, how do you think people will find something to read there? Wherever they will look or click they will see ads and popups! So eventually people will get annoyed and leave the site.
The solution of these problems in not stop putting ads on your site. Just makes sure the ads that you are displaying is not creating reading problems. Like you should put adds on the sidebars or at the beginning of any post or at the bottom of the post. These are some good place to put ads. Don’t go for too many ads just keep the ones that are more meaningful and related to your contents. Keep your website clean and simple looking! It will increase your website traffic.

You Are Not Maintaining Regularity

Maintaining regularity while posting is very much important. Means when people like a post they read on your website, they will look for the similar blog post, if they find those on your blog they will be disappointed any and likely to go away. So to make sure they stay on your website, you need to post regularly and related post on your website. So when people find you and your blog regular they will come back to see what you have posted new on the site. This can be by the week or by month.

Not Search Engines Friendly

Your website is not at all SEO friendly. This means your blog posts lack SEO keywords. If your website does not rank well in search engines how do you expect a huge amount of traffic from them? If your blog does not have the contents that people are looking for then how on earth search engines will send people to your website? So to solve this problem make sure your website has the contents that people really want and of course use SEO friendly keywords in your post. Check my posts on Complete Guide to Best SEO Keywords for Your Blog and A Simple note on Basic SEO if don’t know how to use SEO keywords or how to satisfy the search engines.

You Blog Is Not Responsive

I guess you the meaning of responsiveness of website! A responsive website means that your site is viewable on all devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPod, desktop etc. If your website is responsive they people don’t need to worry about just using Desktop to come to your website. They can use any devices they want to come to your website. Google said that 61% of its users will not go back to a mobile site that they had trouble accessing. So what they do? They go back to a competing website that provides the same contents as you, but their website is responsive. So be make sure that your website is fully responsive through all devices. Here on WeeBros, I provide fully responsive web development at a very reasonable price. Click here to see the price.

Your Website doesn’t Have Any Share Option

Well, when someone likes your posts, they might want to share that with their friends or family. Like sharing on Pinterest or on Facebook. So, after reading the whole post, if they find any option to share your contents, do you think they will come back to your website? This is one of the reasons that your website is lacking traffic. Make sure your website has some functionality to share contents with other media. This will not only help you to get more traffic but also will make your brand known to people.

Unattractive headlines

Your blog posts headings do not draw the people attention. When a reader reads your post headlines they don’t get the imagination if the topic from it. So they become bored and leave the website without reading the whole posts. So? Yeah, to solve this problem, make headings that draw people attention to your post! Need example? See my posts headings!

Not Doing Enough Promotion

You have worked so hard on your website, and even after this much of hard work nobody hard about your website! So if people don’t know that you are out there waiting with good recipes, how will they come? Yeah, you may need to lose some money for the marketing but it always worth when bringing traffic to your website. It does not need to pay for marketing always, you can use the social media to share your website or blog there. This will bring a good amount of traffic to your website. Try the social media platform like Pinterest or Instagram. Twitter is also a good place to try.

Stop Talking Too Much About Yourself

It happens when we are selling any products on our website, we try to sell our products on each and every post we write. This looks like a trap for the readers, and they start losing the trust on your website. So, they run away! There should be a balance when talking about your services. Give people reasons to believe in you and your post. If you do this you don’t need to talk about your products too much, they will buy for themselves. If you concentrate on your meaningful contents to help people, you’ll get enough traffic.

You’re Producing Generic Contents

Though you’re focusing on writing about your niche idea but that actually not helpful to people.
If the contents do not provide some sort of practical help to the readers, then they will quickly lose the interest in your website. Make sure your blog solves the questions answer that people are looking for. Make soothing that draws people interest to your contents. Narrow your blog posts down to more specific topic.

You’re Mixing Too Many Topics Together

Sometimes we see some blog website that talks about so many things. They mixed numerous topic into one website or post. That is not how it’s done. Your website or blog posts should contain only one specific topic if you want to get more traffic to your website. So try to follow just one specific topic while writing a post.

Lacking Professional design

This one is more important than the others. Your blog has the most impact on your audiences. I’m not talking about any fancy design, talking about a simple, minimalistic design that looks professional and easy to use and navigate. If you look to some famous website like the wirecutter, you’ll see that their website design is one of simplest. They only care about the easiness of finding their blog contents. The more people find it easy the more they read on your blog. This is the real truth. So go for a simple but professional design. This will make sure you have the traffic to your website.

Final Thoughts

Building and maintaining a blog website is not that easy work, but the more hard part is to bring traffic to your website and keep that steady. With time you will see that your hard work did not go in vain. A successful blog is a way to fill your pockets with money. So stick with it in a smart way, don’t just work randomly, make your plan and then start working on it in the right way. Best of luck.

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