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Why You Need a Website for Your Small Business?
June 18, 2018
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June 21, 2018

How Blog Can Increase Your Website Income?


Nowadays a business without a website is fallen behind the times. In this modern era, every one carries a smartphone and surfs on the internet and purchasing products online. More than 51% of sales are done through online websites. Online marketing is rising and this is the perfect time for you to increase your website sales. A website is a key to attract the modern age of customers. So how can you actually increase your website revenue?

Online is full of awesome opportunities for expansion in digital marketing, so you should be taking advantage of them. As I always say that one of the greatest ways to really grow a small business through its website and by using your own blog. A blog is an excellent way to bring traffic to your business website. A blog is the form of marketing. So, let’s see how the blog works for your business and how a blog can increase your business revenue?


We all know that people are search online to buy products and services every minute. You just need to target those people. How can you target those people? There are many ways to build traffic to your website, and you will find most of those are spending a lot of money. Like Google Ads on Google, ads on social media, promoting your websites through other channels etc. This method can cost you a huge amount of money and if you stop paying for those ads, your site traffic will slow down again. This is the reason you should consider doing blogging. Blogging is a natural way to bring traffic to your website. Websites with blogs have more indexed pages on search engines. It means people have more chances to find you online. If you produce regular and well-aimed blog posts you will be able to create shareable content for your audiences. If you make sure that share button is easy to find and use, your users will defiantly share your contents to the different social platform. And in this way, your contents will spread and your traffic will boost. Posting contents from your blog on social media pages and linking them to your website post will easily boost your traffic. And more traffic means more sales. This way you’re making links and guiding people to your website and company without immediately asking them to purchase something from your site. Blogging is not only cheaper than paid ads but more effective than paid ads. Check our post on building traffic to your site here.

2.Gains trust of Search Engines

If all the contents are well prepared, your blog can build organic traffic by raising your website higher in search engines. For example, let’s say your business sells Women Shoes. So, when someone types in “Best Women shoes” in search engines, what do you think? How many pages will they have to click to find your website? Anything beyond the first few pages of Google, rest don’t even exist to them. You customers or target audience will never see your website unless it ranks well in Google relevant keywords. How does blog help in this case? It depends on your blog post. If your blog post is good and solves people problems, then you don’t need to worry about getting ranked on Google. Google will find your contents and show it to people of that is good. So start writing good SEO optimize and helpful contents, rest Google will make sure you get enough good traffic.


Before people going to buy anything form you they need to trust you. To gain people trust to start blogging and blogging is the greatest way to interact with people. Share comments and about your products good sides with people of your website blog posts. A business blog is a great way to build trust in your website. You can use your blog as a place to expound on your knowledge of the industry. This is the place where you can write about topics that are interested in your business niche. Try to deal with the problems and solution with your target audiences. If you do so, it proves that each blog post you are producing you know about that very well. So when people find you helpful they will also become helpful for you.


Now that your blog generates a ton of organic traffic and you have to people trust. Let’s move to the business and increase the revenue. It’s good time to convert those traffic into new leads. The best way to convert those traffics is to invite them to do some sort of action on your website. The action you take really depends on your business goals. Here are some examples.

  • Linking people to other post of your website through learn more
  • Get people to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Get people to contact with you if they need more information before buying.
  • Make your users purchase your products if they are ready.
  • Give a free trial of your products or services to them.
  • Connect with them via your social media.
  • Ask them to join your mailing list to get weekly or monthly offers.

5.Affiliate Marketing

Here is some great affiliate marketing platform by which you can increase your blog website income. I’m giving some of the most popular affiliate marketing networks, and how they can be profitable for you.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the most popular affiliate program out there. We all know about Amazon and probably use it on a regular basis. Amazon affiliate program that they established is known as Amazon Associates. It provides a huge income for many affiliates around the world.

Commission: Amazon recently made some major changes to its affiliate program commission rates. The commission rate now depends on the category of products. The lowest rate is 1% and the highest one is 10%. Below is the table of amazon commission rate.

  1. Extremely simple to start using and gives six months’ time to make minimum 3 sells to get to approve to the program permanently.
  2. Wide variety of products collections.
  3. Options to display ads and many more.
  4. Payout threshold of minimum $10 monthly or by target amount.


Rakuten is one of the oldest companies out there and was founded in 1997.This is the most respected affiliate market networks and has maintained itself as one of the best available out there. The key of Rakuten is its ease of use term. They make it extremely easy for the use of affiliate marketers. It features thousands of advertisers within brands that are well-known in the market and has a very good reputation. They cover many different categories, making them an excellent choice for affiliate marketers.

Commission: Rakuten offers commission from 1% to 6%, depending on which category affiliate marketers work on. Some good points about it,

  1. Easy to use user control panel for affiliates
  2. Rotating banners
  3. An excellent support system with customer’s support and tools that provides great features.
  4. Payouts depends on a fix rate or after a month date whatever you chose.

CJ Affiliates (Commission Junction)

CJ boasts some of the most well-known brands on the market has more than 3,000 merchants currently on their site, including many households’ names that we are all familiar with. That much of brands in one place can become both a positive and a negative feature. This brands can be an excellent way to earn a good amount of money, if you are an established affiliate marketer. The competition on this network is very hard which is not that helpful for a new affiliate marketer. You need to work very hard to get on this. When you have signed up, you need to join advertisers programs individually and have to wait until that advertiser approve you. This can be both a waste of time and reason for frustration.

Commission: Commissions are not listed on CJ’s website, but some users have mentioned that the commission is an average of 25%.Some good points about CJ:

  1. You will have the monthly payouts via check or direct deposit.
  2. Advertisers from different categories and well-known brands.
  3. You will get the notification if any ads or links is not working.
  4. Reporting is real time.
  5. Easy to use user interface.


Clickbank is in this business for 18 years now and has a great reputation in affiliate marketing field. It focusses on lifestyle products. Most of the products on their site are digital products provided by entrepreneurs. Clickbank becomes most trusted in the field of affiliate market, because of so many years they are into it and the way they provide great services. Their user interface is great to use and has tons of features for affiliate marketers to see their reports.

Commission: Commissions on ClickBank are set by the vendors itself. The vendor can chose a commission from 1% to 75%.This is the sale rate that an affiliate gets when he sells any vendor products. Some good points about Clickbank,

  1. It provides one of the highest commission.
  2. Pre-approval is not necessary
  3. Has multi-lingual support
  4. You can set your own payment threshold
  5. Support is not that great.


ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate market available. The company has been in this business since 2000.They have more than 4,000 merchants within their catalog. This is the reason they have a wide range of products categories available in their market. ShareASale is easy to use and provides a wide range of assistance for their new affiliate marketers. You will find their blog is full of interesting topics and ideas, which will be great assets for a new affiliate marketer like you.

Commission: The commission structure of this site is not set to exact set in stone. Their each merchants has their own individual commission rate. Commission rate may go from 3% to 20%.Some merchants may give you a fix price on per sell you made. For example, WP Engine pays $200 for each sale. Some good points about it,

  1. 4,000 merchants to choose from.
  2. User friendly interface
  3. Reporting is in-depth with tons of features.
  4. Great support system.
  5. Payouts starts from $50.

Making Affiliate Marketing Relationships

If you want to become a successful in blogging through affiliate marketing, you need to make good relationship with some good companies. You can work with companies like Namecheap and Blushost. You can directly go to them and make a negotiation for affiliate rate. These companies offer affiliate programs to those who want to promote their products and services. It is a good idea to go for a direct company rather than going through an affiliate network. And the income really depends on your niche and how much you can sell. And direct affiliate marketing is far better than others. It increases your sell as well as you become trust worthy to those big companies.

Place Links and Banners

You can place the links within your contents text, which is one of the best way to place affiliate links. Never try to draw reader’s attention to the link that you have placed within your contents text. Just put it there, readers will click on it, believe me, they will. If you try to divert their attention to the like you placed, that will disrupt the flow of your content. One more time let’s take that drones example, you are talking about DJI drones  and giving a brief description about that, in your writing you are telling your readers that DJI drones can be found online on Amazon.com or in other online stores. Did u noticed that I’ve put two links on DJI drones and Amazon? When a reader is reading, they will notice the link naturally and they will click if necessary…Remember, your readers are here to know about your contents, so what links you provide they will click to see.

6.Monetizing Your Blog

As you may know there are few good ads methods through which you can start your monetization to increase your blog income. But which one is best for you? Let me give you a full description of some ads methods. Then you can decide which one is fit for you.Check our full post on how to monetize your website here.

  1. CPC (Cost Per Click) Ads: CPC is also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads. This method is one of the most common. It means you place ads on your website and get paid on an agreed-upon amount every time when someone clicks on that ad. If the ads are well placed on your website, and if the targeting is correct then you have a very good chance of earning a good amount of money. Price ranges significantly depending on your website and the traffic that your website gets. It is possible to earn around $.05 to $5 per click or even more.

The Good

  • Best for beginners
  • As it is the most common you will find many advertisers are willing to work with you.
  • Simple to setup and most of ad networks work with this method.
  • Little risk to publishers as long as your site gets enough traffic.
  • Easy to get the market rate.

The Bad

  • End payout varies greatly and changes month by month.
  • You website must have a good amount of traffic otherwise you will struggle to meet the minimum requirements.

It is generally considered as best method for publishers who want to put ads on their websites, specially the one who just started their business.

  1. CPM (Cost Per Mile) Ads: It is also known as the Pay Per Mile or PPM method. It is generally based on the number of impressions generated by the ads placed on websites. In this method the publisher gets paid after a certain amount of impression like 1000 impressions or views of that ad. This means that each traffic you drive on your site and they are looking at the ads, you are generating money from that. Few ads programs works in this method. But you will find some good one if you look carefully.

The Good

  • Little risk to publisher
  • Fastest way to easy payouts with very little work to do.
  • Does not matter whether people click on ads or not, you get paid.
  • If the traffic to the site is consistent then your payout stays consistent as well.

The Bad

  • Your site need to have a high amount of traffic to increase the income.
  • If people click you will not be paid more.
  • Very less amount of advertisers who will be willing to work with you.
  • Though the payout is consistent, it’s not that much of money.

Despite of this downside, CPM is still viable option to make some more money. Remember that monetizing your website with CPM is worthwhile when your site is generating a huge amount of traffic. Depending on your traffic and the kind of add you placed on your site will decide the payouts. So be sure when going for CMP.

  1. CPA (Cost Per Action) Ads: This method is also known as the Pay Per Action or PPA. In this method you will only get paid if your users take some sort of action in regards to the advertisers, like they sign up for a certain program. This means the users not only have to click to the ad but also have to involve with advertisers website to generate you ads money. It can be filling out some sort of form, or purchasing some products or sign in for some programs or buying an e-book etc. In this method the payment is higher than the other methods we discussed above.

The Good

  • Very much possibility get paid a higher amount.

The Bad

  • There is possibility that the advertisers will cheat with the publishers (you).The action of commission or the tracking system must be well enough.
  • High risk option for the publishers but very low risk option for advertisers.
  • Payouts are few and far between though the payment is higher than the other methods.

This method is not recommended for the new business. But if you have a trustworthy company to work with then you can start with this one as well. Remember this is hard to setup and start generating revenue. If you are looking for fast income with low risk then go for the CPC or CPM ads.

4.Go for Paid Reviews

This might be a different advertising but still, a legitimate one to go for and makes more money with your blog. Instead of just placing advertiser’s ads in your website you can just create an ad for them. This income may be less passive but it can bring a great amount of payout. Remember when sending links back to the advertiser, make sure to use “nofollow” links to stay aboard with Google. Make sure not to write about any unethical or dangerous things. Try to stay with your site’s niche idea and review products or services that you feel you can give an honest opinion for. You will find different advertisers who connect with bloggers to do sponsored post reviews, and often it matters whether you give a positive or negative review. Just make sure that whatever you are writing about a product that is real and honest. This types of advertising can bring you a good one-time commission for the review itself, but you can be paid anywhere from $150-500$ per post, depending on certain factors involved and how much you can sell. What advertisers will see on your site is the traffic and how much you can sell for them. If your website is getting a good amount of traffic and your review will be worth for them, they will go for you with a good amount. The higher you get your website in search engines the more your chance to get to good advertisers.

The Bad

  • You need to involve with regular work on publisher’s part in writing reviews.
  • If you done the job dishonestly this method of advertising can bring down your website reputation in Google ranking.
  • If done badly it you will make your readers frustrated and will have a bad impact to your site visitors.

The Good

  • Great way to earn easy and fast money.
  • Have a little bit risk.
  • Payouts per post is very healthy for publisher.
  • If you site has good traffic you will be doing great and will earn a great amount of money.

Just remember, the moment you stop doing the sponsored post, you stop making a good amount of money. One main factor is to look out is, make sure your sponsored posts are related to your niche idea or deals with the subject of your website.

5.Where should you place the ads?It’s a very important topic to talk about. In your blog, you will have to give some free space to place the ads. You can do it either at the top of your post or bottom of each post. Even in the middle of the posts. But I really don’t recommend that as the readers will get annoyed by this. A very good place to put ads is on your website’s sidebar. Most of the time this is the place where your reader’s eyes will go through and is a safe place to put the ads and catches the attention of readers.

Final Thoughts

Your Blog can be your full-time income place if you take care of it in a proper way. Most of the bloggers’ income comes from their websites and they are working full time on it. I know some bloggers who even become a millionaire by doing full-time writing. It just needs your skills, hard work and dedication. You just need to know where you are heading to and if that is the right way or not. So if you don’t have a bogging website yet and thinking to make one to increase your income, check out our packages of website building with WordPress. Click here to see. Best of luck.

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