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Complete Guide to Monetize Website with Ads


Let’s be honest, we all are looking to make some extra money off our website. To do this we can place some ads on our website. These ads can be both a ticket to passive income or reason of frustration of our readers. If the ads bother the readers than it can sink website’s potential. If you are looking to monetize your website with ads, then you probably realized that the path of passive income from your website is not that simple. Many choices that you’ll need to make when setting up ads on the website. From where to place, how to make money from them and many more. Today we’re going to discuss all of the basic and externally important information that you need to start putting ads on your website. And also going to tell on which ads you need to be aware of putting them on your site. When you are done reading this article entirely, you should be ready to embrace your website with the right advertisement program and start making more money.

Which Methods Should You Choose?

As you may know, there are few good ads methods through which you can start your monetization. But which one is best for you? Let me give you a full description of some ads methods. Then you can decide which one is fit for you.

CPC (Cost Per Click) Ads:

CPC is also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads. This method is one of the most common. It means you place ads on your website and get paid on an agreed-upon amount every time when someone clicks on that ad. If the ads are well placed on your website, and if the targeting is correct then you have a very good chance of earning a good amount of money. Price ranges significantly depending on your website and the traffic that your website gets. It is possible to earn around $.05 to $5 per click or even more.

The Good

  • Best for beginners
  • As it is the most common you will find many advertisers are willing to work with you.
  • Simple to setup and most of ad networks work with this method.
  • Little risk to publishers as long as your site gets enough traffic.
  • Easy to get the market rate.

The Bad

  • End payout varies greatly and changes month by month.
  • You website must have a good amount of traffic otherwise you will struggle to meet the minimum requirements.

It is generally considered as best method for publishers who want to put ads on their websites, specially the one who just started their business.

CPM (Cost Per Mile) Ads:

It is also known as the Pay Per Mile or PPM method. It is generally based on the number of impressions generated by the ads placed on websites. In this method, the publisher gets paid after a certain amount of impression like 1000 impressions or views of that ad. This means that each traffic you drive on your site and they are looking at the ads, you are generating money from that. Few ads programs work in this method. But you will find some good one if you look carefully.

The Good

  • Little risk to publisher
  • Fastest way to easy payouts with very little work to do.
  • Does not matter whether people click on ads or not, you get paid.
  • If the traffic to the site is consistent then your payout stays consistent as well.

The Bad

  • Your site need to have a high amount of traffic to increase the income.
  • If people click you will not be paid more.
  • Very less amount of advertisers who will be willing to work with you.
  • Though the payout is consistent, it’s not that much of money.

Despite this downside, CPM is still viable option to make some more money. Remember that monetizing your website with CPM is worthwhile when your site is generating a huge amount of traffic. Depending on your traffic and the kind of add you placed on your site will decide the payouts. So be sure when going for CMP.

CPA (Cost Per Action) Ads:

This method is also known as the Pay Per Action or PPA. In this method, you will only get paid if your users take some sort of action in regards to the advertisers like they sign up for a certain program. This means the users not only have to click on the ad but also have to involve with advertisers website to generate you ads money. It can be filling out some sort of form, or purchasing some products or sign in for some programs or buying an e-book etc. In this method, the payment is higher than the other methods we discussed above.

The Good

  • Very much possibility get paid a higher amount.

The Bad

  • There is possibility that the advertisers will cheat with the publishers (you).The action of commission or the tracking system must be well enough.
  • High risk option for the publishers but very low risk option for advertisers.
  • Payouts are few and far between though the payment is higher than the other methods.

This method is not recommended for the new business. But if you have a trustworthy company to work with then you can start with this one as well. Remember this is hard to set up and start generating revenue. If you are looking for fast income with low risk then go for the CPC or CPM ads.

Go for Paid Reviews

This might be a different advertising but still, a legitimate one to go for and makes more money. Instead of just placing advertiser’s ads in your website you can just create an ad for them. This income may be less passive but it can bring a great amount of payout. Remember when sending links back to the advertiser, make sure to use “nofollow” links to stay aboard with Google. Make sure not to write about any unethical or dangerous things. Try to stay with your site’s niche idea and review products or services that you feel you can give an honest opinion for. If you search a bit online or have personal experiences, you will see or know that different advertisers who connect with bloggers to do sponsored post reviews, and often it matters whether you give a positive or negative review. Just make sure that whatever you are writing about a product that is real and honest. This types of advertising can bring you a good one-time commission for the review itself, but you can be paid anywhere from $150-500$ per post, depending on certain factors involved and how much you can sell.

What advertisers will see on your site is the traffic and how much you can sell for them. If your website is getting a good amount of traffic and your review will be worth for them, they will go for you with a good amount. The higher you get your website in search engines the more your chance to get to good advertisers.

The Bad

  • You need to involve with regular work on publisher’s part in writing reviews.
  • If you done the job dishonestly this method of advertising can bring down your website reputation in Google ranking.
  • If done badly it you will make your readers frustrated and will have a bad impact to your site visitors.

The Good

  • Great way to earn easy and fast money.
  • Have a little bit risk.
  • Payouts per post is very healthy for publisher.
  • If you site has good traffic you will be doing great and will earn a great amount of money.

Just remember, the moment you stop doing a sponsored post, you stop making a good amount of money. One main factor is to look out is, make sure your sponsored posts are related to your niche idea or deals with the subject of your website.

Sell Privately

This can be another way to make some good amount. In this case, you need to pitch directly to advertisers in order to get them to choose your website to place their ads. This way you’ll be cutting a good amount as a middleman and can take the entire commission by yourself. But to get the higher revenue you need to work higher.

How can you do this? Well, gather the information that advertisers will want to know. Try to know who your audience is if they are unique or not, how much traffic your site has monthly, what is the search rank etc. When you are done with these, find the advertisers that are relevant to your site niche idea. To do this try to look out your competitor’s websites and what ads they place etc.

The Good

  • Be middle man and take the commissions.
  • You get to choose what ads and who gets to place ads on your site.
  • You can build long term relationship with them which is another way to make a good amount of money.
  • You can bring more advertisers by showing the existing one.
  • You can make the commission rate as you want, just be fair.

The Bad

  • Need to setup a large amount of stuffs from your side.
  • You need to spend more time by contacting the advertisers.
  • You need to make sure you have a huge amount of traffic to your website.
  • Managing and placing ads it totally up to you.

If things goes well in this method and you show your full potential, I’m sure you’ll make a great amount by this way.

Working with Advertising Networks

This is basically like a supermarket of websites that ad agencies can choose from. And they buy ads for different websites at once. This can save you a lot of time and effort. If you are going with an ad network means you will be get paid high from the start, and that revenue is very much constant. But remember any amount that is coming from the advertisers must be shared.

How can you do it? Well, try to find the right ad network your site is totally up to. One of the most and best ad networks is Google AdSense. If you can use this particular network, this will open you up to a huge amount of money that you can ever imagine. The process is, you make your site and have some good amount of contents and your contents has some good amount of organic search and users, bam, you are ready for Google AdSense.

The Good

  • This ad network will gather all the information about your website and present it to the advertisers.
  • This ads will find the relevant ads for you, so you don’t need to worry about.
  • You will start making money immediately.
  • There is no need for sales force on your part. It entirely depends on them.

The Bad

  • You will be paid only 50% of the revenue to the ad network.
  • The rate for ads are lower than you think.

Where should you place the ads?

It’s a very important topic to talk about. In your blog, you will have to give some free space to place the ads. You can do it either at the top of your post or bottom of each post. Even in the middle of the posts. But I really don’t recommend that as the readers will get annoyed by this. A very good place to put ads is on the sidebar of your website. Most of the time this is the place where your reader’s eyes will go through and is a safe place to put the ads and catches the attention of readers.

Final Thoughts

I have discussed most of the ads methods. Now it’s up to you which one is perfect for you and for you niche idea website. If you want to monetize your website by placing ads with the site, and earn some easy extra income, go for the methods I just discussed. If you follow along you should be making some money within a short period of time, and that income will be passive and long-lasting. Best of luck.

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